At Prestige College we favour a holistic approach in education. In our aim of whole-person development we use our sporting structure through which we involve as broad a section of our learners as possible. This entails mass participation in the inter-house trials and establishing more than one team per age group in most sporting codes. Management has invested a lot of capital and energy in providing facilities and equipment. A beautiful sports stadium was completed in 2003 and the swimming pools were added in 2005. The stadium has a fully equipped restaurant serviced by the Consumer Studies department. It also has a conference facility which is utilized for teacher training and sport development. Long term goals include the development of a sport academy at the school through which sponsorships to promising young sportsmen and outreach programmes are implemented. Prestige College is a National sport focused specialist school.


Prestige College offers athletics as mass participation to all learners at Prestige College. At Prestige College more than 300 learners train every day during athletics season to be either part of Prestige College A or B Athletics Teams. All learners who train are selected for either one of the two teams. Athletics takes place during term 1, 3 & 4. Prestige College participates in the A-Bond in Pretoria. We are the only English Schools in the A-Bond and in 2016 we ended in 2nd place overall. AGN Prestige College PUMA Top 10 Athletics Meeting Prestige College hosted the annual AGN Prestige College PUMA Top 10 Athletics Meeting for the 10th time in 2016. More than 95 schools participated at this prestigious athletics meeting.


Basketball at Prestige College was started by Mrs Ivonne Coetzee, the deputy principal, in 1995. Mrs Coetzee later on become the principal of Prestige College and retired in 2015. The sport is offered for both boys and girls and a number of learners participate. Our girls’ basketball teams are the stronghold in Pretoria and dominate the Tshwane League. During the 2016 league we won 3 out of the 4 titles, including open team, for the 2nd year in a row! Our girl’s teams made history this year, winning the Tshwane League. The Basketball Girls Open Team participates annually in two festivals, the Maritzburg College Festival and the St Peters Festival. Prestige College also produced a National Basketball player in 2016


Prestige College Chess is the flagship sporting code at Prestige College. When Prestige College opened its doors in 1992, Chess was the first sporting code hosted at the school. Chess was started by Mr. John Pym, the head of department of Sciences at Prestige College. Prestige College offers chess as a subject to all learners from Grade 1-9. Chess takes place throughout the year. Prestige College has never lost a Chess Match on District Level since 2001. Chess is also the sporting code which delivered the most provincial and National Players – just ahead of Athletics & Netball. The Prestige College Open Chess Team obtained outstanding achievements by winning three Gauteng and three National Titles! A Chess Learner and previous head girl of Prestige College was also awarded the trophy for the best female sports Woman of the year for Gauteng; she was also the Top Female Chess Player in the country for many years.