3 August 2014
Chess: Alekhine Open
Time: 08:00 - 16:00
Tuition Fees

Registration Fees for learners can differ from R700-00 to R2000-00 (depending on grades)

School Fees

School Fees can vary between R1 230-00 to R2 310-00 per month or R13 530-00 to R25 410-00 per annum (depending on the grade / year of study). School fees and hostel fees are payable monthly in advance starting in January 2014. Please acquaint yourselves with the Financial Policy of the school.

Hostel Fees

Hostel registration carries an annual deposit of R1000-00 for boys and R550-00 for girls. All hostel fees are fixed at R3 345-00 per month or R36 795-00 per annum for all grades. For a more detailed breakdown please download the Tuition Fees here in pdf format.

Extra Mural Fees

An amount of R110-00 per month or R1 210-00 per year and it is payable by all students from Gr4-12.