9 May 2014
Rugby vs Woodhill College @ Prestige College
Time: 14:00 - 17:00


Prestige College Open Day 10 May 2014! 2014/04/23 Prestige College Open Day on 10 May 2014 at 11:00 at Prestige College.

Prestige College Cricket joins the A-League in 2013 2013/12/14 Due to our incredible cricket performance our teams are now in the A-league from 2013 where we achieved very good results!

Prestige College Cross-Country dominates the show in Gauteng-North! 2013/12/14 Prestige College is the best cross-country school in Tshwane for 4 years in a row! Thandeka Manzana was in the South African team in 2013!

Prestige College is an Allan Gray Top 100 School! 2013/12/14 Prestige College is part of the school program of excellence and are a a Top 100 School in South Africa!

Prestige College Athletics Team are the NWU-PUKKE Champions! 2013/12/14 Prestige College are the NWU-PUKKE Top 30 Athletics Champions of 2013! We won the boys, girls and overall competition!

Prestige College's Chess Team are the SA Champions! 2013/12/13 Prestige College's Chess Team are the National Champions now for 2 years in a row! They dominated the 2013 SA Championships by winning 5 of the 6 board prizes!