Ban cell phones in class

Why did we ban cell phones?

  1. Children use cell phones for everything but school work.
  2. They whatsapp friends and parents during class time
  3. They have conversations with their friends during class and study time in the hostel or school study sessions because teachers cannot determine immediately what they are really busy with.
  4. Cyber bullying has increased dramatically because this is used for taking photos or videos during class, break time and other forbidden times and placed on other social networks to belittle some children.
  5. Teachers do not get their attention and they often have no access to their books as a result of games that are played even during class time.
  6. Cell phones are always prone to be stolen. We have to deal with all the stolen phones during any period of the day and after school.
  7. Some children’s bags are focussed on to be stolen because others know the type of smart phone kids have.
  8. When the school block certain websites for learners, they have their own sim cards that give them access anywhere.
  9. Tablets and cell phones destroy all meaningful communication amongst friends, parents and children and adults amongst each other. It is much easier to call somebody bad names on a phone and to share what somebody had said in a malicious manner.

We have decided on the following plan:

  1. All new learners who enrol in the school have to buy only one device that will be approved by the school, namely Chrome Books. Also broken tablets should be replaced by Chrome books. (PLEASE READ DEVICE SPECIFICATIONS BELOW)
  2. The new device does not take a sim card as that seems to be the biggest destroyer of class time and all other meaningful communication.
  3. This device will have perfect access to the school platform and will also have access to the internet of the school via Wi-Fi.
  4. This device does not accommodate games. So children cannot play games in class while teaching is going on neither can they contact their friends.
  5. It has enough space for the school books and school work only.
  6. It further has no resale value and is not a popular device in the sales market – stealing will therefore be a problem of the past.



  1. Google Chrome book that support Android play store.
  2. Acer Chromebook R11/C738TB

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