Choosing the Right Subjects for the Intended Career Path

Career Expo2

Career Expo2

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It was totally heart-warming to see parents supporting learners on which subjects to opt for in order to ensure they are in line with their desired careers. Parents, learners and teachers attended the Grade 9 Career Expo at ProAct  and this gave them an opportunity to ask those relevant questions and receive proper guidance thereof.

The Grade 11’s also played a huge role on this day as they could be spotted at different corners dishing out some advises to their fellow schoolmates.

University personnels were also invited to form part of this informative session and they did the most by informing the learners exactly what is required of them to enter the university level. The Prestigian caught up with ma’am Konkobe who also played a huge role in making the event the success it was and this is what she had to say:

“Most learners know which subjects they want to take for the next year but have no idea or have a slight understanding of what each subject entails, this event helped them get a clearer understanding of the subjects they want to take which made it easier for them to decide which subjects they really want to take.

Career ExpoThey should know from Grade 8 what the different subjects in the higher grades entail and what they require. For example, if a learner wants to do Physics in Grade 10, they should pass both Maths and Natural Science so they therefore need to start working on that from Grade 8. This stops learners from choosing subjects just because they sound fancy or make them seem smart but take them because they are important for their future.

I think this day helped them make solid decisions, there won’t be a need for them to change subjects several times or feel that they are doing a subject but are not seeing its necessity in their lives.”


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