Grandparents were spoilt rotten by the Foundation Phase



Kopano Selolo 

‘Grandma and Grandpa I love you so, you are more special than you’ll ever know.’

The day was filled with laughter, joy and positivity as the foundation phase enjoyed a whole day with their mature buddies at school on Grandparent’s Day.

The guests of honour for this event were the learners beloved grandparents, because of this, the Junior College prefects escorted the lovely guests into the Arena, where they were served freshly baked rusks, tea and coffee. Once the little ones had settled down, the school principal, Mrs Pienaar gave a wonderful speech she prepared for the grandparents.

The day would not have been complete if the former Junior College teacher was not there, Mrs Croukamp, who also took part in this incredible event. She shared a sweet tale about her own grandchildren. Several performances took place during the event; firstly, an upbeat dance routine was performed by a group of the school’s own Prestige College Hip Hop class aged 8 and 9.

Secondly, a group of four learners, in grade 3 and 2 put up an inspirational drama about how grandparents are the centre of our universe. Following the drama learners was some singing where everyone was involved, the learners, the prefects and grandparents. To ensure that no one forgets this day the little ones took pictures with their grandparents, which will remind them of this special and memorable event.

The guests of honour were not left to starve; the prefects served them fresh vetkoeks and some delicious chicken soup. The little ones enjoyed icies, vetkoeks and juice. Unfortunately, the day had to end, so we would like to thank the teachers who organized the event, the principal; Mrs Pienaar, the guest speaker Mrs Croukamp, all the prefects that helped and our guests of honour; the grandparents. Hoping to see this event again next year.


















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