Prestige College Launches A Flight School !



Prestige College Hammanskraal in partnership with Wonderboom Professional Flight Centre and the SA Academy of Applied Competence successfully launched a first of its kind, Flight School and the Advanced Skills Academy on Saturday 20 May 2017 during the school’s Open Day event.

The Flight School will commence in the third term of this year and is open to learners from Gr8-Gr11 while the Advanced Skills Academy will start operating from next year. The theoretical flight training of the aforementioned grades will take place at the school on a weekly basis by qualified instructors while the practical flying will take place at the Wonderboom Professional Flight Centre by qualified pilot instructors.

Learners who have the burning desire or aspiring to be pilots first have to enroll with the school and be in Gr8 in order to qualify to be part of this great opportunity, however, talks are already underway to expand this opportunity to the Tshwane community. Details of this will continue to surface as the year progresses. The Principal of the school said that she knew these were going to be successful ventures judging the way it came to Prestige.

“I trust that the parents will make use of the opportunities provided as Prestige College also happens to boast with the first black Air Force helicopter pilot who completed her matric at Prestige College. Perhaps we are destined to produce the pilots of the future. Obviously we are looking forward to seeing how many learners will take these opportunities now available and fly with it”.


The Flight School boasts a number of achievements hence Prestige College also decided to embark on this beautiful and enormous journey in giving its learners an opportunity to spread their wings and fly. These achievements include the fact that it produced the youngest pilot in the world, Marcelle Nienaber who did her first solo flight at the age of 15 in 2013 while Peter Barnardo is the youngest commercial pilot at age 19 and obtained his instructors rating at 19.

Elizabeth Mashwana, 26, holds a private pilot license and is currently on the way to obtaining her commercial license. Elizabeth was present at the launch and encouraged young black South Africans who aspire to be pilots, to take this opportunity because if she could do it then there is nothing stopping them.

“My interest in being a pilot actually started during a field trip when I was in Grade R, since then I never looked back. I started researching more about aircrafts and everything associated with being a pilot. I then moved to Johannesburg when I was in Grade 9, then I started to go to the OR Tambo International Airport. Seeing the aircrafts more often actually triggered my love of being a pilot. I then enrolled at Wonderboom and did all that I had to do in order to qualify. The experience has been exciting and overwhelming for me. You get to realise the abilities you never thought you had and it makes you believe that wow, you can actually do it. I strongly recommend young black students to take up this opportunity because there are actually no boundaries,” she said.

Amongst the dignitaries was the City of Tshwane’s MMC for Roads and Transport Sheila Senkubuge who heaped praise at Prestige College for getting involved with the Flight School.

“I would like to congratulate the school for taking up this opportunity and also giving learners this great opportunity. I would like to say to the young male and females that all things are possible, you are given an amazing opportunity and I would like to encourage all of you to take it. We live in a time in our society, especially for the young women where it is public knowledge, the kind of challenges we face on a day-to-day basis, whether it is employment or in terms of safety as women in society so when we are given these kinds of opportunities it becomes mandatory for us to take them. The mayor and the City of Tshwane endorse this initiative by the school as it will impact positively on the youth and we hope to together in the future,” she said.


The Advanced Skills Academy spearheaded by Wayne Lardner on the other hand offers more than 80 different accredited courses which will be on offer for learners. Amongst others, it also offers “Air hostess” that are underwritten by Virgin Active. All these courses are also registered with the different SETA’s. People who are interested can also visit the website for more detail on the courses on offer as well as the fee structure for each course.

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