Prestige was ‘AMPlified’



Fundi Nkosi

Described as the evolution of entertainment, AMPED AFRICA has finally come to Prestige. As the school is always focused on enhancing our talents and helping us grow in sports, art and culture, it has now widened that horizon into media as well. Amped is a programme focused on “edutainment”, which is basically education about the media industry, whether you are a rapper, singer, dancer, TV presenter or even trying to build a brand. The first step was a selection process where only 100 in the entire school were chosen and now 50 have to audition for judges sent from the AMPED Company.


In an interview with The Prestigian, Sandisile Kambule said” I feel like Amped is the perfect platform for me to start my career in TV presenting. I want to beat the stereotype that TV presenters have to be pretty, I want to be the one with a brain as well.” Amped is a really great way to gain exposure into the industry, to the 100 who have auditions, good luck and represent us well; also don’t forget to give a huge thank you to Ma’am Maree for all the hard work she put it in. To the 50 that will be chosen by the AMPED Company, have fun, learn a lot at the courses you will be going to so you can come back and teach the rest. Who knows, maybe we may one day have our own media department.


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