Medals galore for the swimming team



Kathy Ndeke

This year’s swimming season proved to be one of the best seasons yet, with our swimmers representing Prestige well and receiving a total of 31 medals at the inter-high gala which was hosted by Sutherland High School on the 27th of February.

Ten were for individual races and the other 21 for the relay teams. This season was a success as the team had extended practice to Saturday mornings. Coach Miranda Dlamini did an exceptional job of preparing the team for the gala’s ahead and The Prestigian caught up with her to find out how the season went for her.

What inspired you to teach swimming here at Prestige?

“I saw the post and decided to leave my CV at the school and a few months later I was appointed as the swimming coach, I’ve always loved swimming.”

How was it working with the swimming team and did you notice any improvements?

“In the beginning it was a bit difficult as I was still trying to get to know everyone and their strong strokes and group them into relay teams, but eventually the ice was broken and we were able to build a relationship and a good communication system.”

“I came to love and appreciate them and there was good progress made from one gala to the next, overall I am happy with their performance; they have made me proud.”

The other highlight this year would go to a very special swimmer Matedi Mothibe who managed to walk away victoriously with four medals to his name.  Picture4

We managed to catch up with him to talk about this season and where he sees himself in future where swimming is concerned. This is what he had to say.

When did you find out that you had a passion for swimming?

“I’ve always had a fascination with water and I was introduced to swimming at a very young age; that sparked an interest which later became a passion for the sport. I slowly started developing in the sport.”

What did you do to prepare yourself for galas besides training?

“I visualised the gala and how it would all play itself out before it actually happened.  I also made short term goals for myself that I wanted to achieve that would get me on the podium, whether it was bettering my strokes or improving my time, mostly I just used my imagination.”







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